Social Media Marketing for Business

Today’s businesses need to pay attention to their target audience on social media. For early-stage companies, it is essential to create a buzz about their brand. This way, they will be noticed by the right people and they might attract the right investments to grow the business. For established businesses, a positive social media presence can help in improving sales volumes or attracting the ideal business partners.

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Tackle Competition

Using the power of social media, we can assist your brand to compete with other businesses including the big players in your industry.

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Growth-oriented strategies for small businesses

We make social media marketing for small business affordable so that small business owners can get the right tools and tactics to succeed in using their social media business accounts.

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Analyze to engage better

Our social media marketing business specialists can help your team to make sense of social media analytics and accordingly, improve strategies to engage better.

Social Media Marketing

Let your customers understand who you are and what your brand stands for by teaming up with our social media marketing experts. Gigs Media is a well-respected digital media agency that’s also one of the leading social media agencies in Mumbai.


Our social media marketing company in Mumbai seamlessly works as your partner in creating an active online presence through strategic social media planning, implementation and monitoring. Together, we can find the right social media channels that resonate with your brand’s target audience.


Our experts create innovative online engagement plans and data-driven strategies for clients across sectors including BFSI, FMCG, healthcare, education, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. We optimize your social media channels and put in consistent efforts to keep the online conversations alive. It helps us to bring in new social media followers and to keep your existing customers interested in your brand.


Your approachable in-house experts at our agency shall assist you with crafting the ideal content for social media communication. After all, whatever you say on social media receives reactions and has the potential to spread like wildfire. Along with Gigs Media’s social media marketing services, connect at various levels with your online audience while aiming to garner positive traction.

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing in India

When professionals support the social media marketing leg of a business, there are visible benefits demonstrating the growth of the brands owned by the business. Some of the advantages of social media marketing that brands can enjoy are:

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Enjoy Brand Authority

Create and maintain official social media accounts to converse with your clients and address their concerns. Keep away from problems arising out of claims made by fake social networking accounts and unauthorized representatives of your brand.

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Increase Brand Loyalty

When you communicate actively with your target customers on social media, they remember you more. Also, posting meaningful social media messages that benefit customers can lead to increased brand loyalty.

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Enhance SEO rankings

When a search user keys in a query about brands or products in search engines, relevant content on social media about products, services or brands can show up. Our SMM experts carefully plan social media communications to boost SEO rankings.

Our Approach – Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a brand presence on social media involves much more than merely posting
random messages. That’s why, our social media marketing strategists follow a well-
defined strategy formulation approach.

Audience Research

Who are we communicating with? We find answers by creating audience personas based on extensive research about the target audience of your brand.

Setting Goals

Social Media Plan

Based on our research and analysis, we create a personalized social media strategy with actionable goals and a timeline. Our plan is put into action after the necessary approvals.

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Strategy Implementation

Now, it’s time for the strategy to be executed. The content is posted as per a planned schedule across select social media channels.

Competition Analysis

How active are your competitors on social media? Through analysis, we understand the social media presence of your competitors.

Content Creation

Content Creation

As per the social media content strategy, our content creators develop pieces of engaging content in alignment with your brand identity.

Monitoring and Optimization

As an extension of your company, we use social listening tools to monitor the reactions to our posts and manage it professionally. Also, as per the reactions, customer problems are escalated to the relevant team and other posts are further optimized by our social media specialists.

Why Choose Gigs Media as Your Social Media Marketing Agency?

If you want social media marketing services that are on par with a digital partner that’s
considered the best digital marketing agency then you should choose Gigs Media. Here’s why:

Focused Strategies

Increase your visibility with strategies focused on building brand awareness and smart conversion of generated leads.

Reputed Digital Partner

Gigs Media has gained recognition as a respected digital partner for leading brand names. We maintain our reputation with performance-oriented SMM solutions.

Creative Professionals

Our creative minds have been known to make heads turn with disruptive advertising campaigns that have been designed as per the pulse of the brand.

Responsible Social Media Management

When we manage the social media front for brands, we ensure that the communications and insights reach our partners for appropriate escalation of issues or optimization of customer experience.

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Top advantages of social media include brand awareness, lead generation, user engagement and customer assistance. One of the major disadvantages of SMM for a business is that it can be time-consuming to manage multiple business accounts. Also, quick response time is expected by consumers who post queries for brand owners on social media.

How do you add value to social media?

Every consumer has a different set of needs and expectations while interacting with a brand. Posting fresh content that is useful and engaging is required to add value to social media.

How do you post something on social media?

You can directly post content using your social network business accounts. Social media experts use industry-recognized tools to post timely valuable content on social media.

How do you post something on social media?

You can directly post content using your social network business accounts. Social media experts use industry-recognized tools to post timely valuable content on social media.

What time are people most active on Instagram?

People from different backgrounds are active at different times during the week on social media. For Instagram, you need to find out which audience profile are you targeting first. Also, it is easy for social media marketing service experts to quickly learn the best time to reach a specific audience profile on Instagram.

Is social media effective for business?

Just check out the social media accounts of successful brands and it will be clear that an effective social media strategy can impact a business and contribute to its success.

How businesses should use social media?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from social media marketing. The right content and social media plan can help diverse businesses to retain customers, increase traffic to the website and reach marketing goals.

Communicate, care and share with our impactful social media communications.