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Chasing performance may not be easy but it is achievable with the right performance marketing tactics. Gigs Media is a performance marketing agency with solidified skills to give you complete value for each penny that you spend on marketing.


Gigs Media is a digital performance marketing agency for every kind of business, big or small. No matter what your industry is or what scale you operate, we can work toward achieving your marketing goals with some of the best performance marketing specialists in the industry. As your trusted partner, we will roll out effective strategies and deliver ROI with measurable results.


We are not just another social media and digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we are a performance-based agency with data-driven solutions. Innovative digital marketing avenues such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, etc. can be used to prepare a digital strategy that can help you acquire more customers and increase brand awareness. However, performance-based strategies are more focused and can be used carefully to give you optimum ROI for your marketing investment.


We work relentlessly to meticulously plan your marketing spends in the right online spaces. Our skills enable us to give you the performance with selective spending of your money in the right place, at the right time.

Performance Marketing Agency

Benefits of performance digital marketing

Get the flexibility to spend in diverse ad spaces with the effective performance marketing tactics of our experts.

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Optimum Performance

You pay for optimum results, otherwise, nothing at all. That’s it. You get full value for your money with our performance marketing strategy.

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Measurable ROI

You can track the precise performance of your ad spends in performance marketing. We compile the performance marketing reports to give you an accurate update of your return on investment.

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Tweak strategies in real-time

Digital performance marketing gives you the capability to alter your advertising strategies in real-time. We are one of the best performance marketing agencies because our strategists take advantage of the best real-time monitoring tools and tactics to optimize the ad spends.

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Benefit from affiliate strategies

With the performance-based marketing strategy of using affiliates, you benefit from the creativity and marketing tactics of innovative affiliates. Our performance marketing specialists will assist you by getting the best affiliates for your product or service.

Our Approach for Performance Marketing

We choose the right performance marketing strategy and approach with comprehensive planning to push your success online. We share performance marketing tips and make the necessary optimizations through our performance marketing solutions.

Define Your Performance Goals

Do you want to amplify your brand awareness efforts or optimize your online sales conversions? We collaborate with your team to understand and define your performance online marketing goals. Your marketing budget and objectives are understood at this stage.

Setting Goals

Develop Performance Content

Content that can create an impact through the chosen media channels is created by our team of content specialists, multimedia designers and marketing specialists.

Create A Performance Marketing Strategy

Based on your budget, we choose the best blend of diverse advertising media platforms such as native ads, social ads, display ads, mobile ads, video ads and search ads. We create a media plan with clearly-defined performance indicators and milestones.

Content Creation

Manage Performance Media Channels

We monitor, analyze and optimize the performance of campaigns across the planned media channels to meet the desired goals as per the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Why choose Gigs Media Performance marketing services?

Performance is what you seek, driving performance is what we do.

Performance Experts

At Gigs Media, we have some of the best brains in the performance marketing space who have already proven their talent by optimizing marketing spends for numerous well-known brands.

Delivery of the Performance ROI

Our performance marketing agency focusses on what ROI means to you. Our team utilizes smart strategies to deliver the assured performance-based ROI.

Accurate Budgeting

We plan and manage your budget carefully to squeeze out maximum performance from your advertising spends in an ethical manner.

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Performance Marketing FAQs

What is the difference between performance marketing and digital marketing?

Digital marketing consists of several strategies such as SEO, SMO, SEM, etc. Performance Marketing can be a form of digital marketing. The key difference here is that performance marketing initiatives require you to pay on ad spends only when the desired action is completed.

What is the benefit of performance marketing?

Every digital marketing channel is used to meet specific goals. Performance marketing gives you the benefit of achieving specific goals with ROI-focused ad spends that are considered low risk. The efficiency of your ad spends is monitored by performance experts to ensure that there is no unnecessary ad spends. Inefficiencies are handled promptly to optimize the performance of the ads.

Are affiliate marketing and performance marketing the same thing?

To be clear, affiliate marketing is a form of performance marketing. It is a sales performance strategy to boost product sales by promoting your products in an affiliate network.

How does performance marketing work?

Performance marketing works on performance factors that can be measured through advanced analytics. Today, we have online marketing tools and technologies to track and measure specific actions.


Performance marketing utilizes advanced tracking tools to measure the accurate metrics related to actions such as how many people saw the ad, how many people clicked the ad, etc. The beauty of performance marketing is that you can choose the action that benefits you the most and spend only when a person performs that specific action.

How do you measure marketing performance?

We are a performance marketing agency using industry-recognized marketing and advertising tools along with proven strategies to measure marketing performance.

What are Key Performance Indicators examples?

Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are components of your marketing plan which help you understand your performance. Some of the performance indicators for measuring the success of marketing are Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), conversion rate, etc.

Performance is what you seek, driving performance is what we do.