Why Online Reputation Management is Important?

Businesses that understand the importance of online reputation management
are one step ahead of their competitors. Here’s what we mean:

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Monitor brand’s health

Controlling what people say about your brand can become easier if it is monitored. You can manage instances such as preventing a negative post from going viral with our reputation management services.

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Build a positive brand identity

Strategic brand reputation management is required to maintain a positive brand identity online through conflict resolution and other initiatives. Be perceived as a likable brand with a positive presence created by ORM experts.

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Boost business success

ORM drives sales and supports your business growth. With a powerful online reputation, your next customer or vendor may decide to purchase your service or interact with your brand in a way that can benefit your company.

Online Reputation Management

Your business stands tall based on your online and offline reputation. Gigs Media is a notable Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company in Mumbai that can support you to smartly manage your online reputation. Whether you are an individual, a product or a service, our aim is to create and maintain a positive perception for your brand.


Our Online Reputation Management services team will stand beside you to mitigate risks and prevent crisis situations. In case your brand faces a situation that can transform into a complete disaster online, we can work together to handle the situation carefully.


For a successful business, it is necessary to handle reputation concerns online quickly by implementing damage control measures. Gigs Media is one of those reputation management companies wherein your negative publicity such as bad reviews, recommendations, etc. will be managed on time. Our ORM service support will also help you to build your brand with positive mentions in the relevant spaces.

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Benefits of Online Reputation Management

Wondering how SEO benefits your business? Here are a few major advantages of
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that we can aim to achieve for you through our SEO services.

SEO Services in Mumbai

Build a positive brand identity

Strategic brand reputation management is required to maintain a positive brand identity online through conflict resolution and other initiatives. Be perceived as a likable brand with a positive presence created by ORM experts.

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Increase your brand’s credibility

There are several fake profiles and intentional troublemakers who can ruin a brand’s reputation with illegal activities or inappropriate behavior. Online Reputation Management companies handle such situations and help to salvage and sustain the brand’s credibility online.

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Win customer trust

One of the key benefits of ORM is that it supports a business in building responsive brands that customers find easy to trust. Also, happy customers are likely to recommend the brand online and push the growth of the brand.

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Manage negative presence

Be it a negative post from the past or a new complaint due to a service glitch, our Online Reputation Management Services team can use corrective measures to<br /> neutralize the impact of negative publicity.

Our Approach – Online Reputation Management Strategy

Starting a business can be easier but building a reputation requires consistent efforts by experts. Let’s take a look at our methodology for creating an online reputation management strategy to build and sustain your online reputation.

Understanding Brand Reputation

Once we join hands to work together, we begin our reputation management process by understanding how you want your brand to be perceived by people.

Setting Goals

Developing An Online Reputation Strategy

Once we have all the information we need along with your expectations, we start putting together the best ideas to create the ideal online reputation strategy for your brand.

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Reputation Monitoring and Management

Managing a brand’s reputation is an ongoing effort as we cannot control the views that can appear at any time in the online space. Our brand monitoring team will track the performance of the strategies and also support you with handling new incidents.

Evaluating Existing Reputation

We compile all the information that is required to gauge your existing reputation before creating a strategy.

Content Creation

ORM Strategy Implementation

Our ORM experts use our in-house expertise and the support of our external partners to implement the strategies that are designed for your brand.


At regular intervals, your dedicated ORM experts at our online reputation management company will update you with the progress of ORM for your brand.

Why Choose Gigs Media as your ORM Company?

We earn our trust and respect by using the best tactics to build and protect your reputation.

For Diverse Clients

We ensure that our ORM strategies are designed to match the diverse brand personalities of our clients.

Quality Content

Our content creators prepare ideas in the form of articles, promoted posts, videos, images, etc. to get your brand the right attention.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our online reputation management company in Mumbai is equipped with the best infrastructure which allows our ORM specialists to seamlessly manage your brand.

Advanced SEO Support

Being a 360-degree digital marketing agency, we are able to provide advanced SEO services to boost your online reputation.

Restore Reputation

Our experienced reputation management experts have successfully helped several brands to restore their reputation online.

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Online Reputation Management – ORM FAQs

Why is online reputation management important?

Online reputation management is critical to build a brand’s reputation, restore a brand’s reputation and to sustain a brand’s positive reputation.

How do I fix my online reputation?

You can fix your online reputation with the brand building and brand image restoration initiatives by ORM experts. We can help you with reliable online reputation management services including handling paid promotions, collecting user reviews, etc.

How do you manage your reputation?

When we think about reputation, we are talking about the positive and negative image of a brand online. Through our ORM packages, we perform actions to increase the positive brand image and use tactics to minimize the impact of the negative buzz generated for a brand.

How much does reputation management cost?

The cost of reputation management services varies as per the requirement of the client. You can check out our standard ORM plans here. For specific online reputation issues, you can contact us at www.gigsmedia.in/contact

What does online reputation management include?

Online reputation management services include SEO, article writing, social media
management, site optimization, etc. which work together to mould a brand’s image.
You will receive monthly reports detailing the reputation improvement achieved by
experts when you avail our ORM services.

Businesses that understand the importance of online reputation management.