Mobile and Website Development for Business

Allow us to represent your brand identity in the digital space with innovative yet consistent mobile and website development ideas. Create unique experiences for your consumers with us.

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Web Development

We are the best web development company when it comes to happy customers and improved capabilities. Our services include Drupal Design and Development, HTML5 Design and Development, PHP website development, Enterprise Design and Development, Laravel Development and WordPress design and development.

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Mobile App Design and Development

We are an iOS app development service provider catering to the need of businesses who want to build a robust mobile app for Apple iOS users. We are also a respected Android app development agency helping you to engage users of Android phones with interactive, transaction-based, informative or mobile shopping apps.

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E-commerce Development

As per the requirements of your e-commerce site, we can suggest a suitable platform for your business. Our e-commerce web development features consist of payment gateways, shipping integrations, custom branding, marketing integrations, sales integrations and more.

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Maintenance and Security

To prevent data thefts or undesired intrusions triggered by cybercriminals, you need security. We can add layers of security and malware monitoring features as per the security needs of your business. Also, we provide website and app maintenance services to support your business with backups, security updates, technical fixes and more to keep your business up and running in the online space.

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Web Design and Re-design

We can design simple websites to sophisticated design-driven websites as per your business objectives. Our team can customize design templates or create a design from scratch for your web and mobile design needs. Whether it is an addition of new functionalities or creating unique designs to match your brand identity, we can get it done.

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Comprehensive UX/UI Design and Development

We follow an elaborate UX/UI design and development process to build beautiful, functional and user-friendly websites and apps. We conduct extensive user research in the discovery phase and create wireframes to explore design possibilities. Coding, content and designs are completed in the development phase. After user testing in the testing phase, the solution is tweaked and launched in the final launch phase.

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Web and Mobile Search Engine Optimization

For many businesses, the purpose of building websites and mobile solutions like app development for startups, is to reach maximum customers for conversions. We are also an enterprise app development company. Our team recommends and implements suitable SEO features for mobile and web solutions to serve this purpose through better search rankings on the web and in mobile searches.

Mobile and Web solutions

Gigs Media is a respected and web development company in Mumbai. We’re also a trusted mobile app development service provider. We transform your ideas into clear concepts through our mobile and website development strategy. We turn those concepts into reality in the form of responsive web design, custom portal, e-commerce site or mobile app.


From scratch designs to a fully-functional web site, mobile site or app is accomplished by harnessing the knowledge of our experienced designers and developers. We provide 360-degree digital marketing services along with our web and mobile development services. Our resources and experience can also help you with a suitable makeover for your outdated website or mobile site. We can create inspiring designs for your new site and support you in keeping up with the times.


Our services for web development in Mumbai and mobile development services include HTML5 development, Drupal development, Android app development, iOS app development, and more. If you need a CMS integration or specialized e-commerce integrations, we can develop a comprehensive site as per your needs. In addition, we provide web maintenance services to support you in managing the backups and upkeep of your sites.


You need an SEO-friendly website and SEO-based content for your web pages to show up in the top search rankings. Our proficient content creators and SEO specialists make this possible. If you want additional marketing services, we’ll be there for you with our SEM services, SMO services, ORM services and other digital marketing services.

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Benefits of Mobile and Website Development

Pondering over the possible benefits of web development? Some of the advantages of web development, as well as the advantages of mobile app development, are given below:

SEO Services in Mumbai

Responsive design is better

Get better mobile traffic, faster loading pages, enhanced SEO and improved conversion rates with responsive site design. Enable users to navigate your site easily and enjoy seamless user experience across devices.

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Be accessible on the move

Benefits of app development include strengthening your relationship with your users through unique services and engaging them with mobile-friendly interactive features. We can design the best app to boost the value that you give to your customers through functionalities such as push notifications, Augmented Reality experiences, etc.

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Personalized content

Personalization is one of the best advantages of web development. With our trusted team, create personalized functionalities which bring your site users closer to your brand.

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Effortless site management

We can set up the content management systems and customize the site management features with the deep expertise of our Web and Mobile development experts.

Pondering over the possible benefits of web development?  

Why choose Gigs Media for Mobile and Website Development?

We are a team of trustworthy people with creative inclinations and sound technical capabilities. Our aim is to work together with you to create sensible web and mobile solutions that benefit your startup, medium-sized business or large business.

Experienced Developers and Designers

We can assure trendsetting mobile web development solutions for clients who put their faith in our talented people. We have on board experienced software engineers, web development specialists, UX designers, full-stack web designers, content strategists and other technical experts to meet your goals with the latest mobile web technologies.

Expertise with diverse platforms

We have mobile web development expertise and certified experts to build solutions that can be easily accessible on a number of platforms. Our expertise helps you enjoy the advantages of app development as well.

Quick delivery

Whether you want a responsive design or adaptive design, our team can discuss your needs and present you with realistic timelines while ensuring a quick delivery. We plan business website development as well as website development for startups while respecting your timelines as needed.

Well-tested solutions

Our extensive QA tests ensure the robustness, flexibility and ease of our solutions for end-users and the ones who manage it for your business. Get the best app features with our custom app development company.

Safe and Secure

We discuss your web security requirements and implement the best online security solutions as per your needs. If you are in need of a business app development solution with secure payment gateways or secure exchange of data, our team can build a solution with the best online security solutions as per global standards.

Customized solutions

Create a website or mobile app that resonates with your target audience. Explore our bespoke web development services and custom mobile development solutions.

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Mobile and Website Development FAQs

What are the various web development services?

If you are looking for building a site built using a specific platform then Gigs Media’s web development services include Drupal development services, CakePHP development services, Magento development services and WordPress development services.

From an industry point of view, we are a web development agency providing services such as corporate website development, e-commerce site development, real estate site development, manufacturing website development, etc.

What are the new trends in mobile application development?

Some of the latest trends in mobile app development are virtual reality, augmented reality, AI-based functionalities, mobile-connect smart objects, integration with wearable devices, innovation in mobile user experience designs, motion-sensing features, location-sensing features, etc.

How website and mobile development can help you to scale your business?

Customizations and personalization are part of the website and mobile development process. These features can increase your customer base and improve your sales. Also, the scalability features of website sand mobile apps will prepare your business for handling the site traffic as your business grows.

What type of website development services do you provide?

We are a digital marketing agency in Mumbai providing website design and development services to build a device-independent, secure and robust online presence for your business.

What type of mobile development services do you offer?

Our mobile app design and development services with user-friendly features enable your customers to interact with your brand across mobiles devices and platforms. Through our mobile app development services, we offer cutting-edge solutions to enable users to experience the possibilities of the latest in the technology landscape.

Our aim is to work together with you to create sensible web and mobile solutions that benefit your business.