Discover the relevance of SEO for a successful business.

Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, comprises of all the efforts put in to improve a brand’s organic rankings in search engines. Target specific keywords that translate into indicators of success for your business. Work with enthusiastic SEO Specialists for designing a tailor-made SEO plan.

Why become SEO-friendly?

Investing merely on UX and UI of a website isn’t enough. What’s the use of building a grand hotel when travellers don’t even know about it? Similarly, websites need to be visible in search engines to be discovered by people looking for products or services.

SEO Keyword Research

SEO consists of the following key areas:

1 – Keyword Research

People use specific terms to express their needs. In India, most people may ask for a ‘xerox’ copy instead of using the word ‘photocopy’. Keyword Research is a phase where the SEO agency experts work together with a brand’s marketing and branding teams to understand the key phrases the target audience may use to locate products or services in the industry.

2 – Content

Will you serve a Chicken gravy to a customer who is looking for a vegetarian meal? No. You will present vegetarian meal options to the customer instead. Content is as diverse as cuisine is for the taste buds.


Content needs to be curated based on the pulse of the brand. Content for a corporate firm will sound professional in tone and style whereas content for rock music brand will be more lively and casual. Content curators design content for clients based on the persona of their target audience.

SEO Content
SEO Audit

3 – SEO Audits

Technical SEO audits help SEO experts to identify the problem areas on the website. Just the way doctors prescribe medicines after diagnosis, SEO experts implement optimisation plans and SEO strategies only after running a SEO assessment of the website.

4 – Mobile SEO

With everything right at the finger tips, the target audience won’t wait to get to a desktop to search for information. To succeed in today’s age, SEO-friendly responsive websites are needed.


SEO strategies have to result-oriented. Therefore, SEO experts utilise high-end tools to track user behaviour and find out which strategies led to what actions. Gigs Media offers customised SEO services for businesses with diverse marketing goals and growth objectives. Be it startups, established business, non-profit or a niche area, we collaborate with businesses to deliver the benefits of SEO using ethical techniques.


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