Appear online the way you want to be with ORM

Get yourself an Online Reputation Management (ORM) strategy guide to monitor and manage your reputation in the online space. Understand the most-effective ORM tools and strategies to identify reputation-related issues and rectify them in an ethical manner with ORM experts by your side.

Why Online Reputation Management becomes necessary?

As you grow online, your brand name and products/services get mentioned in many places in the online space. The thing is, the mentions are not always good for your brand. These can be negative reviews or incorrect information that can tarnish your image.


You won’t leave rotten food outside your house for long else people start noticing it and perceive you as an unhygienic person. It doesn’t matter whether the food was left by you or someone else, you’ve to clean it up on your own or get it cleaned.


Focus of Online Reputation Management (ORM) includes:


1 – Build Your Reputation

Our reputation management experts build your online reputation by posting content about your brand that is in a good light. We create brand authority pages for followers of the brand and run goal-oriented campaigns to create brand awareness.

2 – Fix False Information

Imagine losing an important document because you entered an incorrect address. To retrieve the document, you may try to follow the procedures. However, if a potential customer is unsuccessful in reaching you due to an incorrect phone number or e-mail address, they may explore alternative service providers.


False information of your brand can harm you even if you are unaware of its existence. Our team traces false information about your brand online. We ensure that all the false data about your brand is rectified so that you get more online conversions.

3 – Manage Negative Presence

Would you buy a product if you hear not so good things about it from your friend or through online reviews? Maybe not. Similarly, negative comments and reviews about your brand can discourage potential customers from coming to you for shopping.


These days, even B2B businesses look up other business before giving them bulk orders for good reviews. Let us help you manage your negative online presence with proven ORM tactics


4 – Maintain Transparency

You already know that a customer who raises a concern needs a solution. Don’t solve the problem and you may end up with an unhappy customer. To avoid such situations, we build your reputation as a customer-friendly business with transparency in your communications.


Any problems raised by your customers are acknowledged and solved promptly by our team. With the appropriate problem-solving strategies such as sincere apologies, we help you win customer trust and loyalty.


We create the Online Reputation Management strategy for your business to give you more control over your online conversations and other online presence. With the best Online Reputation Management tools, we monitor review websites, your social media accounts, your blog etc. Our effective ORM strategies will help you to grow your online visibility and connect more with your customers as a genuine business.


Get better control over the content that makes people perceive your brand in a certain way with our Online Reputation Management experts at Gigs Media. Contact at [email protected]